Things To Do In Plettenberg Bay With Kids

Robberg Beach

Plett was absolutely amazing. We went to stay in a hotel for a week and we had the best fun! I only took out my camera once which shows just how much fun we had so all the photographs here are just cellphone photographs. Also because we were staying in a hotel we ate all our meals out in restaurants and at the hotel, I was just amazed at how adaptable Elijah was and how eager he was to try new foods. Total mom win for me. But this post is actually about all the activities we did so I will not focus on that except to mention our last supper there as it was so fantastic (all the other meals were lovely too but this one just stood out). We had an early dinner at Enrico’s at Keurboom Strand. The food was out of this world and so was the view and the vibe. I had Enrico’s pasta which was tagglitellie with a rich cream sauce with ham and mushrooms and I am still dreaming about that. Elijah chose the Porker pasta which had bacon, ham and salami on it. He chose it as one of his cousins ordered that as he would not normally as he says he doesn’t eat salami…well he gobbled it all up. I was too full to have dessert but Elijah had vanilla ice cream wrapped in wafers which I had a nibble on and it was delicious.

We arrived on the Friday evening and had an early dinner at the hotel and then went to bed to be rested for the next day.

On Saturday we hit Adventure Land just out of Plett. There were slides and super tubes for all ages. I even went down one and of course Elijah had a ball. We spent most of the day there but stopped off at Radical Raptors on the way home for a guided tour. It is a rehabilitation centre that aims at community awareness and the rescue, rehabilitation and release of birds of prey, all the kids were fasinated. We also had an ice cream and there was a wonderful kiddies play area with a car round-about and a zip line.

On Sunday we first went to Monkey Land which is the world’s first free-roaming multi-species primate sanctuary and had a guided tour. Elijah’s favorite were the lemurs and mine were definitely the gibbons who would run past us. Then we went off to Birds Of Eden, if you love birds this is a must do! The sounds and sights are just breathtaking. They were not doing tours because of Covid but the guides we saw around the sancuary were most eager to answer questions.

On Monday we had a day at Look Out beach. Our day was filled with playing in the lagoon on a body board to lots of ice creams and take away food from the kiosk. Things that childhood memories are made off.

Tuesday saw us first going to Puzzle Park. Elijah did the 3 D Maze but in actual fact it was too old for him to really appreciate but he loved the kiddies maze and the play park. He also went on a little quad bike which was another highlight from the holiday. His bigger cousins loved the 3 D maze and the Forest Maze. It was then off to Jukani Wildlife Sanctuary. At Jukani you can see the majestic big cats of the world – Lions, Tigers, Leopards, Pumas and Jaguars. They have all be rehomed from facilies that can no longer keep them. This was amazing and it was so amazing to see Elijah seeing all thses animals up close.

On Wednesday it was time to go the Elephant Sanctuary We took a game drive vehicle out to have a guided tour with these rescued elephants. Elijah was a bit apprehensive about touching them and feeding but I am sure he will remember the experience forever. We then went on to Tskikama Wolf Sanctuary Elijah loves wolves and he had been looking forward to this the most! To me most of the wolves look like dogs but it was still lovely to see them. Imagine Elijahs delight when we saw that one of the wolves was named Rea! Elijah has now renamed himself Elijah Wolfie Micah Rea. There were also other animals and birds at this sanctuary including Emus which I do not recall ever seeing before so that was lovely.

On our last day there we went to Lawnwood Snake Sanctuary. If you know me you will know that I have a complete phobia of snakes, actually any reptiles but they were so kind and gentle that I even had a large snake trapped around my neck. Obviously Elijah wanted to hold all of them!

So those were all the activities we did there besides lots of walks on the beach as our hotel was just accross the road from there. We even went on a sunrise Pansy Shell hunt on the second last morning in the rain. We never found any treasures but we will treasure those memories. It was such a fun week and such a wonderful family time.

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